ACCENT ASSESSMENT: Live English Accent Assessment

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A customized 12-page report on your English accent and pronunciation.

This 12-page customized report is all about you.

Don't train blind. Get extra clear on what you need to improve first. 

You'll discover what you're doing right, wrong and everything in between in all areas of English intonation, accent and pronunciation!


It’s taken with a live, qualified Accent Pro Assessor and takes place over two live sessions via Skype with webcam. Skype audio is clear, allows for an 'in person' experience and feel because you get to see your live Assessor, and Skype is free no matter where you are! 


The assessment takes place in two parts:

  • Session One: Your Assessor will get acquainted with you and record your assessment answers. Your ultimate goals and objectives are noted. This takes up to 45 minutes.

  • In Between: The Assessor then uses your answers to compile your specific, 12-page Accent Assessment report which highlights your Peak Problems (your errors in intonation, accent and pronunciation that most affect your desired results) in line with your objectives.

  • Session Two: By phone or by recording, your Assessor explains the report results and what your Peak Problems are (your errors in intonation, accent and pronunciation that most affect your desired results). 

  • You'll know exactly what you need to focus on, balancing clarity of speech and accent with your objectives. 


Your customized 12-page report is yours to keep forever for your training journey! You may use it for self-training, with your current teacher, or with a certified Accent Pro Coach. Either way, it will be priceless!

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All the best to you!

Camilla Smith,
Founder of Accent Pro(R) 

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